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‘Constance’ by Tarquin de la Force

“Constance lived through one of history’s most decisive, even apocalyptic times, when one world was replaced by another and values, morals and ideas of life were changed irrevocably.”

Constance de Charriet is an aristocratic young woman in the time of Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. When a reckless act during an early love affair leads to horrific events, the trajectories of Constance and her family’s lives are changed forever.

As a lady-in-waiting at the court of Versailles, Constance radiates sweetness and light. But torn between suitors Sir Percy de Boiseville, a dashing English nobleman, and Conde Alfonso del Aguila, a gentle Spanish count, Constance is haunted by her past. When her homeland descends into violence and chaos, an old foe rises, poised to strike. Will Constance’s dark secret tear her and her family’s world asunder – or will her beloved France?

‘Constance’, an epic tale of romance and rebellion.
Explore the world of Constance de Charriet today.

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Published by Joffe Books, London