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Tarquin de la Force

About the Author

Tarquin de la Force is an English-born, Australian-based historical fiction writer and member of the Australian Society of Authors.
An Englishman despite his French surname, Tarquin de la Force comes from an old and distinguished family whose recorded history goes as far back as the Visigoths, most recently famous for its Port. He was educated at foremost Roman Catholic school Downside, and upon leaving tried his success at several professions, including the wine trade and public relations. Still undecided on his future, he set off for Australia at the end of the 1960s and settled down in Sydney to a career in advertising.

Working first as a Copywriter and later as an advertising agency Creative Director, he then stepped into an Account Director’s role, working for several globally acclaimed companies at a leading international agency. In 1983, he returned to England to work for De Beers Consolidated Mines Consumer Marketing Division, and in 1986 became Director of Global Trade Education and Training Programme Development and Implementation, as well as International Coordinator of their network of Trade Liaison services in world markets.

In 1999, he retired to pursue a career in Marketing Consultancy, but in 2003 was appointed International Marketing Director at Diarough NV, one of the world’s largest diamond marketers, headquartered in Belgium. He left Diarough in 2008 to resume his role as Marketing Consultant, however, in 2010 accepted a Senior Marketing position with Opal Horizon Ltd., Australia’s largest opal mining group.

Tarquin has been writing poetry, lyrics, and prose since he was a boy, with ‘Constance’ being his first published novel. A short book of verse entitled ‘All in a Day’s Work’ was privately published in the 1980s, sold through a small number of prestige bookshops, such as Hatchards in London. He has also penned several articles that have appeared in Jewellery trade magazines worldwide. A member of the Reform Club in London and the Union and Pioneer Clubs in Sydney, Tarquin currently resides in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales with his wife. They have one son and one daughter.

One amazing life. Two great loves. The world in revolution. ‘Constance’.

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